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Expert kid life hacker Sunny shows you how to make cool stuff out of ordinary things you have at home.

Episode descriptions

Easy Prank Hacks
1. Episode: Easy Prank Hacks

Expert life hacker, Sunny, is hacking some awesome pranks. From faking spilled milk and juice to a seemingly messy ketchup disaster, Sunny's got all the tricks you need to keep you laughing, and pranking for days.

Musical Instrument Hacks
2. Episode: Musical Instrument Hacks

Sunny, our favorite life hacker, is starting an all hack band! From Jamaican steel drums to homemade harmonica fun, Sunny has all the tips and tricks for any musical occasion!

Smarter Phone Hacks
3. Episode: Smarter Phone Hacks

Life hacker Sunny makes your smart phone even smarter. From DIYing your very own speakers to keeping your headphones nice and tangle free, she is here to show you all the tricks! Find out how to up your smart phone game right here!

Cat Hacks (With Your Dog)
4. Episode: Cat Hacks (With Your Dog)

Our favorite life hacker, Sunny, has awesome hacks for your favorite cats, as demonstrated by her dog! From sleeping, to playing, to eating, she has all the tips and tricks you'll need to keep your kitty happy for days. Meow!

Road Trip Hacks
5. Episode: Road Trip Hacks

Expert life hacker Sunny is taking her hacks on road! From a handy snack shaker and kitty cat cord organizer to a creative and comfortable seat belt pillow, Sunny's got all the travel tips you need.

Slime Time Hacks
6. Episode: Slime Time Hacks

Sunny's back with some seriously super slime hacks! It's slime time!

Great Gift Hacks
7. Episode: Great Gift Hacks

Expert life-hacker, Sunny, is here to help you hack the coolest and most inexpensive gifts for every member of your family! From duct-tape earrings, a stylish DIY tool belt, and even a homemade light saber, Sunny has the greatest gift hacks for any occasion!

Crafty Clothes Hacks
8. Episode: Crafty Clothes Hacks

Our favorite life hacker, Sunny, is craftier than ever! Check out these awesome hacks to find out how to repurpose your old clothes into bags, baskets, and even and ipod holder!

Backyard Game Hacks
9. Episode: Backyard Game Hacks

Expert life hacker, Sunny, is taking her hacks to the great outdoors!

Brilliant Babysitting Hacks
10. Episode: Brilliant Babysitting Hacks

Expert life hacker Sunny has the perfect hacks for helping you keep the kids busy. From homemade silly putty to a DIY marshmallow launcher, Sunny has all the tips you need to be the best babysitter on the block. Get all the tricks right here! Only on DreamWorksTV.

Ha Ha Holiday Hacks
11. Episode: Ha Ha Holiday Hacks

Expert life hacker, Sunny, has holiday hacks will have you laughing for days. From elf donuts and a literal "eye pad" to delicious edible coal, these hacks are sure to touch even a grinch's heart. Get all the tips right here! Only on DreamWorksTV.

Emoji Games
12. Episode: Emoji Games

Expert life hacker Sunny uses her EMOJInation to hack some awesome games! From emoji bean bag toss and a new take on twister to a mini emoji pinata. Sunny's got all the emoji game hacks your heart eyes want. Get all the tricks right here! Only on DreamWorksTV.

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