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      Ink Outside the Box! How to Make a Comic Book
      Ink Outside the Box! How to Make a Comic Book
      Jon Chad
      Share your story through comics! In this interactive class, cartoonist Jon Chad shows you the ins and outs of making a comic book.
      Curiously Similar
      Get in the kitchen with Jasmine, Season 5 winner on the hit FOX series "MasterChef Junior." You’ll soon be making your own delightful desserts!
      Jasmine  S.
      Jasmine S.
      Use easy, effective techniques to draw believable human and animal characters with page-turning personality.
      Lynne  Chapman
      Lynne Chapman
      In this sewing and design class, talented teen-designer Ruby Mac empowers kids to take their first steps into the world of fashion. From customizing clothes to designing a collection to sewing a simple skirt, Ruby shows you how fun and easy it is to express yourself through style!
      Ruby Mac
      Ruby Mac
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      Most of us probably moved on from crayons after elementary school, but let's not sell these waxy wonders short. With the right techniques and some imagination, you can do plenty with the humble stubs. The best part? Crayons are dirt cheap — even for those massive boxes with dozens of colors you drooled over as a kid. You can draw for months on about $5 or $10 worth of supplies.
      David Huyck
      When it comes to cartoons, some of the smallest details can make the biggest difference. (What would Garfield be without his sardonic, half-lidded eyes or Odie without his long, slobbery tongue?) The most expressive characters are made in those tiny strokes of the pen in rendering the facial features. Below are dozens of ideas and how-tos for eyes, noses, ears, mouths and hair.
      Jessie Oleson Moore
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      Ink Outside the Box! How to Make a Comic Book