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Embroidery is something that anyone can learn — it's easy, affordable and you can do it almost anywhere! In this kids' beginner class, explore embroidery basics alongside expert Jessica Long. Learn five foundational stitches as Jessica helps you create a magical narwhal design that you can hang on your wall or give as a gift.

Episode descriptions

Meet Jessica
1. Episode: Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica and begin class with a brief overview of your project, a magical narwhal! Then she demonstrates the five types of simple stitches you'll be using throughout class.

What You Need to Begin
2. Episode: What You Need to Begin

Follow along as Jessica introduces the tools and materials you'll need to jump in, including a needle, embroidery floss and fabric.

Freestyle Fun
3. Episode: Freestyle Fun

Itching to start stitching? First warm up with a fun freestyle challenge! Let your imagination take the lead as you practice poking your needle through fabric and stitching with embroidery floss.

4. Episode: Tracing

It's narwhal time! Start your project by printing and tracing the narwhal picture onto your fabric. Jessica shows you how to hold the hoop and fabric up to a window so you can trace your design more easily.

Running Stitch
5. Episode: Running Stitch

Ready to dive into your project? Learn the most basic, easy-to-follow stitch, the running stitch, to complete the ocean section of your narwhal design.

6. Episode: Backstitch

Bring your narwhal to life by learning the backstitch! Jessica breaks it down for you step by step, and even throws in a snack break and dance celebration to shake things up.

Seed Stitch
7. Episode: Seed Stitch

Jessica shows you how to complete the narwhal by giving it cute little spots on its back using the seed stitch.

Star Stitch
8. Episode: Star Stitch

Now give your narwhal some starfish friends as Jessica teaches you the star stitch. This stitch might seem confusing at first, but with a little practice, you'll be the star of the show!

Fern Stitch
9. Episode: Fern Stitch

Your underwater world isn't complete without some aquatic plants! Finish the ocean design by learning the fern stitch to create seaweed at the bottom.

What's Next?
10. Episode: What's Next?

After you complete your narwhal design, discover all the creative things you can do to really make it your own, such as adding paint and glitter to your hoop, tying on a ribbon and more!

About the Teacher

Jessica Long
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Running Stitch
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