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Drawing is something that anyone can do, and it's really fun, too! In this kids' beginner class, join art teacher Jordan DeWilde and gain the skills you need to express yourself through drawing. Follow along as Jordan guides you through six quick projects — including drawing a life-size robot — that will help you draw more realistically. Plus learn easy techniques for shading, perspective, texture and more.

Episode descriptions

Meet Jordan
1. Episode: Meet Jordan

Meet Jordan and get an intro to the joyful world of drawing. Find out how drawing can help you express yourself creatively. Then go over all the supplies you'll need to get started.

Shading & Tone
2. Episode: Shading & Tone

Ready to jump into shading and tone? First Jordan helps you trace your hand with a pencil. From there, use your fingers to smudge the pencil lines to create highlights and darker shadows. Afterward, practice shading in different values using the printout in your class materials.

Contour Lines
3. Episode: Contour Lines

Find out how to draw contour lines (the outline of an object or place) as you create an outline of a robot named Robo. You'll learn to use your eyes and hands to draw things you see in real life.

Texture & Patterning
4. Episode: Texture & Patterning

Want to give the objects in your drawings a more realistic look? Just add texture! In this lesson, practice drawing a variety of textures: bumpy, soft and rough, using a technique called crayon rubbing.

Form in Space
5. Episode: Form in Space

Here, Jordan shows you a drawing technique called perspective that will help you draw pictures that look 3D! First learn about one-point and two-point perspective. Then draw a 3D version of your name surrounded by a few of your favorite things.

6. Episode: Self-Expression


About the Teacher

Jordan DeWilde
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