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How to fill a big blank wall? In this Bluprint original series, designer James Worsham helps homeowners and businesses around Nashville transform blank walls into unforgettable installations. It’s your one-stop shop for DIY tips, tricks and the occasional dad joke.

Episode descriptions

Spoon Wall
1. Episode: Spoon Wall

James builds a unique kitchen accent wall using hundreds of old spoons and a few simple tools.

Seed Starter Wall
2. Episode: Seed Starter Wall

James uses test tubes for a seed starter installation to help transition his spare room into a plant nursery-slash-library.

Inspiration Board
3. Episode: Inspiration Board

James constructs a customizable inspiration board for his friend’s sewing studio using some fabric, foam, and plywood (no corkboard here!).

Projector Wall
4. Episode: Projector Wall

James helps his friends transform their spare bedroom into a nursery by creating a wall mural of giant banana leaves, a much cheaper alternative to wallpaper!

String Wall
5. Episode: String Wall

With just nails and some yarn, James makes a mountain-inspired string installation that spruces up boring white office walls.

About the Teacher

James Worsham
Curiously Similar
James Worsham
James Worsham
Designer James Worsham is back with even more creative wall installations. Follow along as he helps people in Nashville transform their homes into spectacular spaces, one blank wall at a time.
Artists. Innovators. Problem solvers. Tastemakers. Meet 16 brilliant creatives who boldly push boundaries and challenge the status quo, inspiring others to follow their hearts and pursue their passions.
Ann Marie Auricchio
Ann Marie Auricchio
Transform yard-sale finds into items that showcase your style! This class teaches techniques to unearth and fix up those hidden gems.

Join the discussion! While your instructor may choose to chime in, this space is intended as a maker-to-maker forum.


Seed Starter Wall
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