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A breakout Emmy nominee. A Pixar animator and writer. A graphic novelist. A bestselling writer. A groundbreaking poet. Meet these five up-and-coming writers who are pushing the boundaries of writing and bringing new and bold perspectives to the world.

Episode descriptions

Mike Wu
1. Episode: Mike Wu

Pixar animator and children’s book author/illustrator Mike Wu explores the art of juggling the two jobs and persisting in the face of failure.

Vanessa Hua
2. Episode: Vanessa Hua

Bestselling author Vanessa Hua speaks about making the leap to fiction, how she manages to write, and joining a creative community.

Fatimah Asghar
3. Episode: Fatimah Asghar

Emmy Award nominee and poet Fatimah Asghar talks about creating the breakout hit "Brown Girls" and making the art she wished she had while growing up as a queer Muslim woman.

Kristen Radtke
4. Episode: Kristen Radtke

Kristen Radtke explores the space between writing and art in her graphic novels, and the anxiety of trying to create, have a life, and balance her job at The Believer.

Safiya Sinclair
5. Episode: Safiya Sinclair

Award-winning poet Safiya Sinclair explores the past, the clash between her and her Rastafarian culture, and finding her voice with poetry.

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Steve Almond
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Vanessa Hua
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