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Our resident cake slayer, Joshua John Russell, is throwing an epic party and you're invited! Join the Man About Cake and his pal, DIY genius Kristen Johnson, as they dream up an array of creative celebrations — all on location. From the menu and decor to the cake (of course!), you'll get plenty of tips for pulling off a Pinterest-worthy party that your guests will remember.

Episode descriptions

Superhero Party
1. Episode: Superhero Party

Join Joshua John Russell and Kristen Johnson as they create a party fit for a superhero. Learn how to make decorations (including a cityscape!), get ideas for easy eats, and so much more. You'll be ready to throw your own heroic hangout in a flash!

Doggy Gotcha Day Party
2. Episode: Doggy Gotcha Day Party

This party finds our hosts celebrating all things canine, and what better setting than a local park? JJR and Kristen will help you make pup-friendly cupcakes, games and engaging photo backdrops.

Mad Hatter Baby Shower
3. Episode: Mad Hatter Baby Shower

Go inside a Mad Hatter-inspired baby shower in a whimsical tea room! JJR and Kristen craft restaurant-friendly decor, place settings and finger foods that pull the theme together.

Holiday Office Party
4. Episode: Holiday Office Party

Twinkly lights and a hipster snowman cake turn a regular conference room into a festive party. Learn how to roast marshmallows indoors, DIY a donut wall, and paint scenic snowscapes in this wintery episode.

DIY Wedding Reception
5. Episode: DIY Wedding Reception

It's easy to throw an elegant wedding reception at home if you plan ahead and get creative. Join JJR and Kristen as they talk grazing tables, cocktails, dip-dyed linens, and imaginative decorations. Creating a welcoming environment doesn't have to be stressful or break the bank!

Bravo Watch Party
6. Episode: Bravo Watch Party

Join JJR and Kristen as they throw a star-studded watch party for Bravo's new show, "Get a Room With Carson & Thom."

About the Teacher

Kristen Johnson & Joshua John Russell
Curiously Similar
Kristen  Johnson
Kristen Johnson
Anyone can make show-stopping party decor on a budget! All you need is an idea, some creativity, and a little elbow grease. In this class, a companion to our series "Bring the Party," DIY'er extraordinaire Kristen Johnson shows you how to create unforgettable scenes for your next affair.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
Grab the kids and master the basics of cake decorating alongside the Man About Cake himself, Joshua John Russell, and his trusty sidekick, Gus the Sock Puppet. Together, they’ll teach you the skills you need to create a radical rainbow birthday cake. And, you’ll get tips and inspiration for your next cake creation.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
Welcome to Man About Cake, a weekly YouTube show full of laughs… and tiers. Kick it with our Caked Crusader, Joshua John Russell.


Holiday Office Party
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