3Doodler: 3D Pen Art
3Doodler: 3D Pen Art
Grace Du Prez
Bring your ideas to life with the 3Doodler 3D printing pen.
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Join host Paul Costabile for an extreme doodling adventure! In this reality competition series, 16 talented artists flex their creative muscles to impress judges Jon Chad (of "Ink Outside the Box" on Bluprint) and Zoe Hong (fashion designer and illustrator). Each episode features two Doodle Warriors who go head to head in mind-bending challenges such as drawing a giant comic book and creating arm-sleeve tattoos on real people. But only one will walk away with $5,000 in cash and prizes.
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In this three-part series, leather artisans Sarah Kirkham and Anna Warren of Tactile Craftworks go on a journey to improve their product line with a slick new laser-cutting tool, the Dremel Digilab Laser Cutter.
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Three teams of craft-loving kids put their creativity to the test as they tackle a fun, imaginative challenge in a set amount of time. Get ready for something big, fun and crafty airing daily on Universal Kids and online right here!
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3Doodler: 3D Pen Art