Journal Writing 101: Transcend the Everyday

1h 15min beginner

Journaling helped Katie Dalebout change her life and now she wants to help you discover the power of journaling. Learn different journaling exercises and techniques to help connect to your authentic self, relieve anxiety, increase creativity, improve productivity or create more joy in your everyday.

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Episode descriptions

Getting Started
1. Episode: Getting Started

Meet Katie, who explains how journaling can help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life and how to battle through any resistance you may be feeling. Then she asks some questions that will help you figure out what you want to say.

External Journaling
2. Episode: External Journaling

Find out how journaling can help you process your relationships with other people. Katie also shows you how to easily journal on the go.

Unlock Your Creativity
3. Episode: Unlock Your Creativity

Katie shares some inspiring journaling exercises to help you tap into your creativity and jump-start your innovative spark.

Get Organized
4. Episode: Get Organized

Discover how journaling can help with organization and productivity, the perfect complements to creativity. Afterwards, Katie shows you how to use bullet journaling and goal-setting exercises so you can track your life progress.

Internal Journaling
5. Episode: Internal Journaling

Journaling can be a powerful tool to help you dig deep into how you're feeling and understand your emotions. Katie gives you some writing prompts for dealing with anxiety, shame, fear, uncertainty and body image.

Journaling for Mind & Soul
6. Episode: Journaling for Mind & Soul

Learn the most effective ways to use writing in magical, meditative ways. Find out how to use journaling to help you meditate, create more inspiration, connect with your intuition and record your dreams.

Gratitude & Joy
7. Episode: Gratitude & Joy

Gratitude is powerful, and journaling is a great way to cultivate that emotion. In this lesson, Katie shares her favorite gratitude writing practices to bring more joy into your everyday.

Making It Your Own
8. Episode: Making It Your Own

Katie wraps things up by helping you design your own custom journaling practice that works for you, then answers the questions she is most frequently asked.

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Katie Dalebout

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Journal Writing 101: Transcend the Everyday

Katie Dalebout

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Journal Writing 101: Transcend the Everyday