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Dive into Allison's Ballroom Basics course that walks you through the salsa, jive and cha-cha techniques! As you explore the basics in each class, remember to have fun and find your unique style.

Episode descriptions

Salsa Class 1
1. Episode: Salsa Class 1

Follow along as Allison walks you through basic salsa sequences that you can take to the dance floor! Practice your lock steps and body rolls in a sassy combination to finish the class strong.

Salsa Class 2
2. Episode: Salsa Class 2

Loosen up and dance it out in Allison's second salsa class, where she teaches you steps to bring to every dance party! As you continue working on some familiar steps from Allison's first salsa class, start to find your natural groove and style in the movement.

Cha-Cha Class 1
3. Episode: Cha-Cha Class 1

Learn the basics of cha-cha, starting with the rhythm of the footwork. Once you get comfortable with the steps, add in hip movements and isolations to enhance your dancing!

Cha-Cha Class 2
4. Episode: Cha-Cha Class 2

Get comfortable with your hip movements and work on your performance in Allison's second cha-cha class. Dance through the music by traveling through your steps and moving smoothly in your direction changes.

Jive Class
5. Episode: Jive Class

Jive is a high-energy style that requires high knees and quick footwork. Remember to smile through the fast movements as you practice your triple steps, sugars and jive kicks with Allison!

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Ballroom Basics


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