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Building a strong foundation for technique is crucial and translates to your performance on stage. Join Tiler in her course to develop your ballet training through three barre classes.

Episode descriptions

Beginner Ballet Barre 1
1. Episode: Beginner Ballet Barre 1

Practice your ballet basics in Tiler's beginner ballet barre class. Focus on your posture and proper foot articulation as you flow through each exercise.

Beginner Ballet Barre 2
2. Episode: Beginner Ballet Barre 2

Tiler is back at the ballet barre with another beginner class! With every exercise, find length in your lines and execute each step with energy and control.

Intermediate Ballet Barre
3. Episode: Intermediate Ballet Barre

Tiler invites you back to the ballet barre with a slightly more intermediate lesson. Through each exercise remember to point your feet, hone your musicality, and, most importantly, have fun!

About the Teacher

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1. Episode: Beginner Ballet Barre 1 42min
2. Episode: Beginner Ballet Barre 2 40min
3. Episode: Intermediate Ballet Barre 33min
Beginner Ballet Barre 1
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Beginner & Intermediate Ballet Barre


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