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Jazz is all about clean lines, traveling through your movement and exuding confidence in your performance. Nick is here to teach you these fundamentals and how to become a strong all-around jazz dancer!

Episode descriptions

Jazz Warm-Up
1. Episode: Jazz Warm-Up

Fire up your core, work on your jazz isolations, and practice clean lines in Nick's warm-up. In this class, remember to balance strength with flexibility as you work through each exercise.

Jazz Basics 1
2. Episode: Jazz Basics 1

Join Nick in his first Jazz Basics class that focuses on weight shifts and working your feet through the floor. Practice using your plié as you take up space and travel through each exercise sequence.

Jazz Basics 2
3. Episode: Jazz Basics 2

Nick's second Jazz Basics class covers direction changes, coordination, and staying grounded in your movement. Work on your pas de bourrées, jazz lunge, and a short phrase you will see later in Nick's jazz combination!

Jazz Combo Part 1
4. Episode: Jazz Combo Part 1

Bring the jazz basics and skills you learned from Nick's previous classes into part one of his jazz combination. Watch how Nick and his assistants execute strong isolations, find length in their lines and add some personal style to the movement.

Jazz Combo Part 2
5. Episode: Jazz Combo Part 2

Finish Nick's jazz combination with the second half of his choreography! Keep working on your jazz basics, as you combine both combo sections into a full jazz routine that you can perform with the music.

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The Building Blocks of Jazz


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