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Making a Maker
Making a Maker
Making It
Making A Maker introduces us to the eight talented Makers from across the country who were hand-picked to get crafty on NBC's new show "Making It," hosted by Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman. "Making It" celebrates the creativity and craftiness in all of us, and in this new digital series, we take a deep dive into each of these special Makers' lives. We’ll learn more about who they are, what inspires them creatively, where their love for making things originated, and unexpected insights into their passions, failures and successes as they embark on the creative challenge of a lifetime. "Making It" airs every Tuesday behind "America’s Got Talent," beginning July 31st at 10pm ET / 9pm CT.
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Ready to stitch up something new? Join embroiderer Jessica Long and learn a fun variation on one of her most popular patterns, the award-winning Modern Cameo. Jessica walks you step by step through simple techniques for making long satin stitches, woven-wheel roses, French knots and more. Plus, find out how to up-level your embroidery with 3D stumpwork. This project can easily be customized and makes for a creative gift!
Jessica  Long
Jessica Long
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"MAKE! Craft Britain" is a joyful celebration of all things handmade, following ordinary people having a go at new skills taught by inspirational teachers. Each episode offers a tale of two workshops taking place across the country. We'll watch as total novices master the art of mosaics, get the hang of hooky rug-making and try their hand at silver jewelry, as well as learning traditional letterpress printing, cross-stitch and knitting techniques, all unleashing their own creativity in the process.
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Are you ready to look at color in a whole new way? Join artist Danielle Donaldson for an in-depth exploration of color, including how to discover your own ideal color palette. You'll create your own color reference, with tiny illustrations that are both charming and functional, and suitable for framing!
Danielle  Donaldson
Danielle Donaldson

Join the discussion! While your instructor may choose to chime in, this space is intended as a maker-to-maker forum.

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Making It - Season 1-Simon Doonan
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Simon Doonan is an author, tastemaker and judge on NBC's Making It .
Elaine Lipson
Embroidered Photo in the hoop
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Do you ever feel like you can't possibly hang another frame in your house? The next time you want to display a special photo, think outside the box and inside the hoop! Transfer the image to fabric, hoop it up and add three-dimensional details with a little embroidery floss.
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An appliqué design is kind of like the cherry on top of a sundae: a tasty add-on that makes your project extra special. The trouble is (we're not gonna lie here), some forms of appliqué take quite a bit of skill and practice to master. But not this one! The raw-edge appliqué method is incredibly beginner-friendly, and the perfect way to try your hand and this decorative technique.
Lindsay Conner
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