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Artists. Innovators. Problem solvers. Tastemakers. Meet 16 brilliant creatives who boldly push boundaries and challenge the status quo, inspiring others to follow their hearts and pursue their passions.

Episode descriptions

Simon Doonan
1. Episode: Simon Doonan

Barneys' creative ambassador Simon Doonan turned the art of window dressing on its head with his quirky, imaginative displays.

Stephen "tWitch" Boss
2. Episode: Stephen "tWitch" Boss

Pop culture icon Stephen "tWitch" Boss uses his fame to spread the joy of dancing, a passion he discovered early on.

3. Episode: Hueman

Allison Tinati, who paints under the moniker "Hueman," draws on the human condition to create colorful mash-ups on massive walls.

4. Episode: Olek

Crochet artist Olek explores sexuality, feminist ideals and the evolution of communication through her colorful, conceptual displays.

Adrian Younge
5. Episode: Adrian Younge

Music producer Adrian Younge is the next generation of soul. He looks to the past for his inspiration, combining tradition with the promise of tomorrow.

Anita Dongre
6. Episode: Anita Dongre

A fashion designer on a mission, Anita Dongre works to preserve the cultural heritage of India through her fashion label Grassroot.

Jon Contino
7. Episode: Jon Contino

Illustrator Jon Contino combines old and new world aesthetics into a modern, minimalist style imitated the world over.

Sarah K. Benning
8. Episode: Sarah K. Benning

This isn't your grandmother's embroidery. Sarah K. Benning is shaking up the age-old craft with bold shapes, playful patterns and fresh subject matter.

Jessamyn Stanley
9. Episode: Jessamyn Stanley

Once labeled "too big" for yoga, Jessamyn Stanley is now a world-renowned authority both on and off the mat.

Griffon Ramsey
10. Episode: Griffon Ramsey

Chainsaw artist and wood sculptor Griffon Ramsey is a master of her craft. And, in an industry mostly dominated by men, she's not afraid to show it.

Brooke Shaden
11. Episode: Brooke Shaden

Compelled to take a closer look, Brooke Shaden uses her camera to explore places only her imagination can take her.

Tiffanie Turner
12. Episode: Tiffanie Turner

A former architect, Tiffanie Turner uses her background to sculpt larger-than-life flowers out of paper.

Robert Wyland
13. Episode: Robert Wyland

Robert Wyland refuses to follow the crowd.

Kirsten Potenza
14. Episode: Kirsten Potenza

Kirsten Potenza marches to the beat of her own drum.

Lauri Kranz
15. Episode: Lauri Kranz

When a passion becomes an obsession and grows into a profession. Tastemaker Lauri Kranz creates new art forms out of edible landscapes.

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