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Now's your chance to learn some of tWitch's favorite hip-hop grooves! This course will walk you through easy-to-learn steps you can incorporate into your freestyle or show off at a dance party.

Episode descriptions

Hip-Hop Warm-Up
1. Episode: Hip-Hop Warm-Up

Practice your natural bounce and simple two-step variations in tWitch's warm-up class. Follow along, as you rock to the beat of the music and break a sweat in no time.

Down Grooves
2. Episode: Down Grooves

Work on your down grooves with tWitch by emphasizing musical accents with a down rock. Learn four different down groove patterns, including the Steve Martin, and put them all together in a full routine with music!

Back Rock
3. Episode: Back Rock

Jump back onto the dance floor, because this time we're mastering the back rock! Learn four different back rock patterns, including tWitch's favorite, the Prep. At the end of class, put these patterns together into a full routine and dance it out to the music.

Circular Grooves
4. Episode: Circular Grooves

Learn classic grooves that take you in a circular pattern, including the famous Cabbage Patch. Once you've learned all the steps, combine them into a full routine and feel it out with the music!

Party Grooves
5. Episode: Party Grooves

Dive into the foundation of hip-hop dance to learn some of tWitch's favorite party grooves including the Reebok, Biz Markie, Bart Simpson and the Butterfly. Once you've learned all four groove patterns, put them together to music and get the party started!

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Hip-Hop Grooves With tWitch


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Hip-Hop Grooves With tWitch