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Learn Misha's hip-hop choreography that is featured in a commercial-style music video. From start to finish, check out the process of rehearsing in the studio to executing a camera-ready performance!

Episode descriptions

Hip-Hop Combo Part 1
1. Episode: Hip-Hop Combo Part 1

Dive into the first section of Misha's commercial hip-hop choreography. Pay close attention to the details of the movement and use your dancing to enhance the lyrics in the music.

Hip-Hop Combo Part 2
2. Episode: Hip-Hop Combo Part 2

It's time to continue on to section two of Misha's choreography! Have fun with steps like the shamrock and the running man challenge, while keeping your transitions in and out of the floor seamless.

Hip-Hop Combo Part 3
3. Episode: Hip-Hop Combo Part 3

Challenge your musicality in the third section of Misha's commercial choreography! Between the fancy footwork and arm articulations, find pockets in the music where you can enjoy grooving it out.

Hip-Hop Combo Part 4
4. Episode: Hip-Hop Combo Part 4

Finish off Misha's choreography strong with section four of his combination! Watch how Misha and his assistants execute the floorwork with precision and hit the detailed footwork with clarity.

Music Video & Behind the Scenes
5. Episode: Music Video & Behind the Scenes

Check out the music video featuring Misha's choreography!

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