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You can start sewing — and your kids can too! Designer Sara Alm walks you through the basics (with the help of her wacky alter ego, Sarah) in this kid-friendly beginner’s class. From threading to stitching, learn how to use a sewing machine the right way.

Episode descriptions

Meet Sara & Sarah
1. Episode: Meet Sara & Sarah

Meet Sara and her wacky alter ego, Sarah with an "h." Then learn about the tools you'll need for your sewing adventure as well as the importance of safety, using the help of an adult.

Exploring the Sewing Machine
2. Episode: Exploring the Sewing Machine

After warming up with her extra-excited counterpart, Sara shows you how to work a sewing machine. Practice using it (without the thread) on a piece of paper. Then get familiar with some of the different controls, seeing how different lengths of stitches look on paper.

Threading the Sewing Machine
3. Episode: Threading the Sewing Machine

Sarah gets creative filming with the help of a pogo stick, while Sara-without-an-h teaches you how to wind the bobbin and thread the sewing machine. Sara also shares some important safety tips.

Freestyle Fun: Amazing Placemat
4. Episode: Freestyle Fun: Amazing Placemat

It's finally time to sew! And Sara has a fun project that will help you make the first stitch on your machine. Using a printable, one-page maze design, learn how to control fabric as you go.

Pillow Project Part 1
5. Episode: Pillow Project Part 1

There are a few things to cover before you start your pillow project. Find out how to work with a pattern, use an iron, transfer pattern markings, safely cut layers of fabric and prepare fabric for sewing by pinning it.

Pillow Project Part 2
6. Episode: Pillow Project Part 2

Now that the prep work is done, you're ready to sew the pillow together! Learn how to insert the pillow form and hand-sew the pillow cover shut. Then, Sara shows a few variations. Not to be outdone, Sarah shares the behind-the-scenes video she's been making throughout class.

About the Teacher

Sara Alm
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Sara Alm
Sara Alm
Everything you need to sew with confidence.
Join our creative pros as they take on the challenges from Bravo's Project Runway season 17. From fashion sewing and illustration to home decor, our in-house experts bring their skills, imagination, inventiveness (and humor) to the show's long-standing tradition. And, you just might get inspired to do your own runway remake!
Get an inside look at maker spaces, as well as inspiration and tips for projects you can do in your own.
2. Episode: Exploring the Sewing Machine 10min
3. Episode: Threading the Sewing Machine 6min
4. Episode: Freestyle Fun: Amazing Placemat 14min

Join the discussion! While your instructor may choose to chime in, this space is intended as a maker-to-maker forum.


Pillow Project Part 1
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