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Don't just watch, make! Make six fun projects inspired by Faster Craft challenges straight from the show. Follow along step by step with our take on the challenges, or use them to inspire your own creation. "Making It" airs every Tuesday behind "America’s Got Talent" at 10pm ET / 9pm CT.

Episode descriptions

Unicorn Wall Art
1. Episode: Unicorn Wall Art

What is your spirit animal? Learn to make our take on Making It's first Faster Craft challenge: a taxidermy-style unicorn head entirely made of felt!

Hometown Terrarium
2. Episode: Hometown Terrarium

If your hometown were turned into a miniature terrarium, what would it look like? Check out our take on the "Making It" second Faster Craft challenge; can you tell we borrowed a little inspiration from contestant Amber?

Sweet Snack Stadium
3. Episode: Sweet Snack Stadium

Nachos, wings, chips, dip ... we've been there. Round up your team for a snack play that goes way beyond the expected: a stadium-sized treat, inspired by the "Making It" third Faster Craft challenge.

DIY Dog Mask
4. Episode: DIY Dog Mask

Dress up as your furry best friend with an easy, last-minute costume inspired by the fourth "Making It" Faster Craft challenge. Keep this one in your back pocket for Halloween!

3 Cake Toppers for Any Occasion
5. Episode: 3 Cake Toppers for Any Occasion

Jazz up a plain cake with these DIY toppers.

Create Your Own Chandelier
6. Episode: Create Your Own Chandelier

Turn straws and string into a chic, modern chandelier.

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Faster Crafts: Inspired by NBC's Making It

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Faster Crafts: Inspired by NBC's Making It