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Discover the hottest trends from Denver's 2018 Renegade Craft Festival, brought to you in partnership with Weebly. From bullet journals to geometric jewelry, host Christy Kruzick takes you through the season’s most sought-after crafts and the talented makers who create them.

Episode descriptions

Avery Spratt
1. Episode: Avery Spratt

Take a look at the witty and political work of embroiderer Avery Spratt. Get Avery's tips for completing your first embroidery project on a thrifted shirt.

Ink By Jeng
2. Episode: Ink By Jeng

Meet the designer and bullet journaler behind Ink By Jeng, Jennifer Reyes. Discover some of the tools she uses to create clean-cut journal pages with ease.

Carter & Rose
3. Episode: Carter & Rose

Meet Anna VonRosenstiel of Carter & Rose, who makes handmade ceramic goods and wearables. Hear the story behind her signature wall planters.

4. Episode: Fernworks

Jewelry maker Faryn Davis, founder of the one-woman studio Fernworks, shares her process for creating one-of-a-kind resin-layered pieces with found objects and ephemera.

5. Episode: Onastazia

Onastazia jewelry designer Onastazia Mullen gives an inside look at how she creates her distinctive fiber necklaces.

Designs by Elle
6. Episode: Designs by Elle

Eleanor Maralit of Designs by Elle tells the story of how she developed her signature crochet and fabric cowls.

Neo Threads
7. Episode: Neo Threads

Neo Threads founder Sarah Gonzales talks through her process of thrift shopping and upcycling used garments, before sharing some of her recent work.

Cold Mountain Craft
8. Episode: Cold Mountain Craft

Take a tour of the Cold Mountain Craft booth and meet leather craftsman Trevor Washko. Peep at his first handmade journal as he chats about working with leather.

Trend Recap
9. Episode: Trend Recap

Hosts Christy Kruzick and Patrick Jager reveal the top five trends seen at Renegade Craft Fair this year. Find out what materials, techniques and projects are emerging as the go-to crafts this season.

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