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This series helps people explore the joy of craft, as the UK's growing love affair with making things by hand combines with the latest home interior trends.

Episode descriptions

1. Episode: Cuban

Here's some Cuban style for a dining room. Clem and Robin create a woven bench. Ant tries his hand at painting tiles. And Robin tries his patience making a beaded chandelier.

2. Episode: Graphic

Clem and the gang go graphic as they seek to inject some craft love into an uninspiring bedroom. There's also candle-making, pottery, needlepoint and scratching.

Rustic Boho
3. Episode: Rustic Boho

The team get busy crafting a "rustic bohemian" interior, with block printing, low-cost lamps and blowing glass bottles. Also, Clem Green gets all tangled up in basket weaving.

Color Block
4. Episode: Color Block

The team revives a dining room using a stylish color block theme. They also work with resin, weaving and screen-printing, while Robin Johnson makes a bespoke silver ring in a day.

5. Episode: Tie-Dye

The team goes bold by crafting a living room with just one color. There's also tie-dyeing, a rope rug, paper-engineering, silk pajamas and felt-making.

Back to Nature
6. Episode: Back to Nature

The team crafts up a boring bedroom and makes a pendant light. Clem gets all tied up in a supersized arm-knitted blanket, and trees topple when Robin crafts a four-poster bed.

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