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Ready to get creative in the kitchen? Rocco Staino joins children’s book authors in the kitchen as they make some of their favorite dishes from their books.

Episode descriptions

Aram Kim
1. Episode: Aram Kim

Learn how to make kimchi pancakes with author/illustrator Aram Kim from her book "No Kimchi for Me!"

Veera Hiranandani
2. Episode: Veera Hiranandani

Learn how to make sai bhaji, a very special family recipe found in author Veera Hiranandani’s book "The Night Diary."

Elizabeth Doyle Carey
3. Episode: Elizabeth Doyle Carey

Elizabeth Doyle Carey and her daughter teach Rocco how to make the nachos featured in "Mayday!" the fifth book in her Junior Lifeguard series.

Hilde Lysiak
4. Episode: Hilde Lysiak

Rocco Staino bakes with 10-year-old author Hilde Lysiak. Learn how to make the cherry pie from Hilde's book "Hero Dog," part of the "Hilde Cracks the Case" series.

Mother's Day Special
5. Episode: Mother's Day Special

Rocco Staino and children's book author Josh Funk are joined by dad blogger Jason Greene (One Good Dad) to cook up a breakfast feast inspired by Josh's popular book "Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast."

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Rocco Staino

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