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It’s easier than you think to draw the characters from well-loved children’s books! Join picture book authors and illustrators as they teach you how to draw the most popular characters from some of your favorite books.

Episode descriptions

Vanessa Brantley-Newton
1. Episode: Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Illustrator and author Vanessa Brantley-Newton teaches how to make a fun-filled collage. Gather up your supplies and start making your creative collage!

Angela Dominguez
2. Episode: Angela Dominguez

Put on your artist caps, because Angela Dominguez is here to teach you how to draw Hugo and Lulu from one of her favorite picture books “Let’s Go, Hugo!”

Chris Haughton
3. Episode: Chris Haughton

Take out your glue sticks and construction paper and get ready to make a collage with Chris Haughton, author of "Goodnight Everyone," about a little bear who isn't sleepy.

Daniel Kirk
4. Episode: Daniel Kirk

If you can draw a circle and a square, then you can draw Sam from "Library Mouse." Grab some paper and a marker, and join author/illustrator Daniel Kirk as he teaches you to draw simplified versions of his amazing, painted illustrations.

Nick Bruel
5. Episode: Nick Bruel

Nick Bruel shares his secret to drawing the perfect blank-faced, surprised, crazed, and adorable Bad Kitty. You'll be surprised what a difference the shape and placement of a circle can make!

Tim Miller
6. Episode: Tim Miller

Illustrator Tim Miller shows you how to draw characters from "Snappsy the Alligator," "Moo Moo in a Tutu" and more using basic shapes!

More Angela Dominguez
7. Episode: More Angela Dominguez

Move at your own pace and learn how to draw two characters from Angela Dominguez's picture books: a tortuga (tortoise) and a llama.

Louie Chin
8. Episode: Louie Chin

Ready to draw your own dinosaur? Louie Chin shows you how to illustrate the T-rex from the popular book "Don’t Ask a Dinosaur."

Peter H. Reynolds
9. Episode: Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynolds teaches you that creativity comes in all different shapes and sizes. Find out how starting with a little dot can lead you to a world of possibilities.

Joyce Wan
10. Episode: Joyce Wan

Author and illustrator Joyce Wan teaches you easy steps to draw the cupcake from her board book "You Are My Cupcake."

About the Teacher

Rocco Staino
Curiously Similar
Jordan DeWilde
Jordan DeWilde
Drawing is something that anyone can do, and it's really fun, too! In this kids' beginner class, join art teacher Jordan DeWilde and gain the skills you need to express yourself through drawing. Follow along as Jordan guides you through six quick projects — including drawing a life-size robot — that will help you draw more realistically. Plus learn easy techniques for shading, perspective, texture and more.
Mike Curato
Mike Curato
Have you ever wanted to write a children’s picture book? Well, now you can! Celebrated children’s book author and illustrator Mike Curato teaches the ins and outs of writing your own picture books. From brainstorming ideas to generating a great plot and characters, you’ll learn to create a fascinating story that keeps children (and adults!) turning the page. Plus get insider tips for publishing your book.
Katie Dalebout
Katie Dalebout
Journaling helped Katie Dalebout change her life and now she wants to help you discover the power of journaling. Learn different journaling exercises and techniques to help connect to your authentic self, relieve anxiety, increase creativity, improve productivity or create more joy in your everyday.

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Vanessa Brantley-Newton
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