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Too much is never enough for actress, singer, dancer and expert sewist Marcy Harriell. From a jazzy jean jacket to a feathered mini, watch her transform old clothes into next-level glam ... all in a day's work.

Episode descriptions

Why You So Fancy
1. Episode: Why You So Fancy

Marcy modernizes a slinky sequin ombré dress by turning it into matching separates: a glitzy camisole and pencil skirt.

The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Dress
2. Episode: The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Dress

Maximize a mini dress by adding feathers! Marcy glams up a sexy mini with feather trim for a total transformation, and gets ready to belt out Aretha Franklin's songs with the Loser's Lounge tribute band.

In the Stars
3. Episode: In the Stars

How to make the world's most extra cover-up? Add a layer of zodiac-themed embroidery to a denim jacket, of course! Marcy cuts away the top layer for a daringly sheer look.

His to Hers
4. Episode: His to Hers

Marcy's husband's silk pajamas disappear … and reappear as a funky, Prince-worthy jumpsuit.

Date Night
5. Episode: Date Night

From patchwork quilt to dramatic ball gown? Yes, it's possible! Marcy transforms a colorful stitched kantha quilt into a red-carpet-ready dress, reminiscent of Scarlett O'Hara's classic curtain dress.

Maxi to Mini
6. Episode: Maxi to Mini

What to do with a crazy mismatched polyester skort maxi? Make it festival-ready with super cute puffed sleeves, pom pom trim and more.

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Marcy Harriell
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Marcy Harriell
When actress, singer and sewist Marcy Harriell spots an item on the rack, she sees potential. Because in her hands, so-so pieces get turned into imaginative, head-turning fashion statements. This original Bluprint series follows Marcy as she brings wild creativity and a funky sense of style to outfits she refashions for her daily adventures.

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