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Join our creative pros as they take on the challenges from Bravo's Project Runway season 17. From fashion sewing and illustration to home decor, our in-house experts bring their skills, imagination, inventiveness (and humor) to the show's long-standing tradition. And, you just might get inspired to do your own runway remake!

Episode descriptions

Reimagined Prom Dress
1. Episode: Reimagined Prom Dress

Actress and sewist Marcy Harriell (aka Oonaballoona) revamps her once-upon-a-time prom dress into a modern sensation, transforming a basic sheath mini with gold fabric paint, detachable capes and a cascade of organza rosettes for all the extra.

Embroidered Fashion Model
2. Episode: Embroidered Fashion Model

Embroiderer Jessica Long creates a fashion-forward embroidery design with 3D embellishments such as hair, fringe and beads. Using the pattern template in the class materials, discover the secrets of bead embroidery along with two popular stitches: woven-wheel roses and Turkey work.

Quilted Wall Hanging
3. Episode: Quilted Wall Hanging

How do you turn a pile of fabric into a textured wall hanging bursting with color? Award-winning quilter and "Midnight Quilt Show" host Angela Walters shows you how. She uses foundation strips for easy improvisational piecing, then adds metallic hand stitches and tassels to complete the look.

Nature-Inspired Room Divider
4. Episode: Nature-Inspired Room Divider

Designer James Worsham brings the outdoors in with his fresh take on a foliage folding screen. Find out how to transform any room with some basic skills and everyday supplies from your local hardware store (or even your backyard).

Restyled Denim Jackets
5. Episode: Restyled Denim Jackets

Step into street style with DIY tastemakers Mimi G and Norris Dánta Ford. Follow along as they put a new spin on classic denim jackets ... with faux fur. Using their masterful sewing skills, they cut, sew and shape this challenging fabric for style to the max.

Sketching Costume Design
6. Episode: Sketching Costume Design

Fashion designer, illustrator and "Doodle Wars" judge Zoe Hung creates a variety of looks for a custom character. She helps you brainstorm ways to blend function and fashion so your own villain, spy, or superhero is ready for anything that might come her way.

Mixed-Media Tote Bag
7. Episode: Mixed-Media Tote Bag

Bagmaker Ellie Lum hacks her own Portsmith Tote with a genius idea: see-through pockets! She also attaches metal hardware and leather handles for a professional finish.

Flounced Tunic Dress
8. Episode: Flounced Tunic Dress

Make old new again! "Project Runway" Season 8 runner-up Mondo Guerra uses one of his own designs to refashion a simple dolman tunic for his mom. He personalizes it by drafting a flounce and sews it into an extra seam.

Sew-Inspired Wall Art
9. Episode: Sew-Inspired Wall Art

Jo Gick, NBC's "Making It" contestant and host of our original series "Rooming Up!" creates a sewing-inspired wall art installation. Made of string art and larger-than-life thread spools, it's a stylish addition to a craft room or accent wall.

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Mimi G & Norris Dánta Ford
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Nature-Inspired Room Divider
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