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Designer James Worsham is back with even more creative wall installations. Follow along as he helps people in Nashville transform their homes into spectacular spaces, one blank wall at a time.

Episode descriptions

Oversized Flowers
1. Episode: Oversized Flowers

What's better than flowers? GIANT flowers! James shows you how to make oversized wooden flowers to decorate a bedroom. Plus, he gives a quick jigsaw lesson.

Magnet Tangrams
2. Episode: Magnet Tangrams

Turn this favorite childhood puzzle into a functional art installation! James shows you how, step by step.

Monochromatic Shelf
3. Episode: Monochromatic Shelf

Get an intro to minimalist design as James installs a wall-mounted shelf with monochromatic colors.

Mountain Shelves
4. Episode: Mountain Shelves

Ready for the ultimate form-and-function project? These mountain-shaped shelves are a great addition to an office, bedroom, living room or any space, really.

Feather Wallpaper
5. Episode: Feather Wallpaper

James makes a deal with a friend: to create a dimensional wallpaper installation for his short-term rental home in return for a free weekend.

Molding Headboard
6. Episode: Molding Headboard

Want to make your bed the focal point of your bedroom? James has a simple solution: craft a custom headboard using molding strips.

Wall Reading Nook
7. Episode: Wall Reading Nook

James brings the outdoors in by using turf and wood to create a cozy retreat for a friend's daughter. It's a space that sparks the imagination of both children and adults.

Framed Watercolor Ombré
8. Episode: Framed Watercolor Ombré

James is challenged to bring color, patterns and texture to a plain dining room wall. Along the way, he shows you how to paint, level and grid like a pro.

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James Worsham
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Oversized Flowers
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