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From boathouses and bunkies to decks, docks and gazebos, join host Colin Hunter on this one-of-a-kind renovation show. Quickly learn how cabin renovations are a different beast compared with house renovations in the city by following each project from humble and sometimes decrepit beginnings to stunning completions.

Episode descriptions

Hutzul's Doggone Dock
1. Episode: Hutzul's Doggone Dock

Colin visits a young family dealing with a dock so decrepit even their dog won’t walk on it. Their '70s style cottage also needs landings, stairs and railings.

McMahon Disaster Dock
2. Episode: McMahon Disaster Dock

Colin helps a determined DIY'er understand his mistakes and rebuild his dock so his wife can dangle her toes in the lake comfortably and safely.

Dave's Sunset Deck
3. Episode: Dave's Sunset Deck

Colin builds a deck for watching the sunset halfway down a cliff. Above and below the deck are hundreds of stairs and landings all tied together with custom-cut handrails.

Pirate Tree House
4. Episode: Pirate Tree House

Colin builds a "gazebo in the trees" so two young buccaneers and their parents can enjoy pirate games all summer long. This unique creation has a rope bridge, a slide and even a sleeping loft in the attic.

Venus Family Waterski Dock
5. Episode: Venus Family Waterski Dock

Colin pays back the family that taught him to waterski, by building them a brand new dock system for their ski boat. It has a shore dock, ramps, floating docks and even a canopy to protect the boat from the sun.

Jacqui Needs a Dock
6. Episode: Jacqui Needs a Dock

Colin leads Jacqui and her pink tool belt through the steps of assessing, repairing and redecking her old crib dock. But will it impress her nosy neighbor?

Mother-in-Law's Haunted Inn
7. Episode: Mother-in-Law's Haunted Inn

Colin removes and rebuilds the porch on a century-old Inn belonging to his in-laws. It's hard to tell whom Colin is more afraid of: his mother-in-law or the ghosts that inhabit the old building.

Gord’s Party Shack
8. Episode: Gord’s Party Shack

Colin’s buddy Gord needs more room for his big parties. Colin's solution is an incredible one-of-a-kind gazebo that is built to party. Great things do come in small packages.

Sturgeon Lake Pole Dock
9. Episode: Sturgeon Lake Pole Dock

Bryan and Michelle have three young boys. They also have a rotten old dock. They need something quick, lightweight and removable. Colin builds them a metal pole dock that is so simple it goes together in just one day!

Patrice's Danger Deck
10. Episode: Patrice's Danger Deck

This riverside cottage has a deck that has already sent two people to the hospital. Colin rips out the old rotten one and builds a brand-new deck out of recycled plastic. It is guaranteed never to rot and it looks beautiful.

Old Log Gazebo
11. Episode: Old Log Gazebo

John wants some shade for his grandsons, but he doesn't want to spend much money. Colin comes up with a brilliant alternative to an aluminum pop-up canopy. He goes to the forest to find his own logs and builds a log gazebo from scratch.

Big Steel Dock
12. Episode: Big Steel Dock

Colin teams up with contractor Tom Stead to build a massive dock out of steel. It has to be extra strong and stable because in a couple of years there will be a boathouse built on top of it.

Len's Old Deck
13. Episode: Len's Old Deck

Len's deck is rotting through. He also needs a new set of stairs, a part of the original plan that has been left unfinished for 30 years. Colin only has a week to get everything finished.

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