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Curious 9-year-olds Lucas and Jenny are looking for inspiration for their crafts. By experiencing the BIG world around them with science and technology experts, they take their SMALL crafts to the next level. From why monster trucks bounce to how glass is made, crafts take on new meaning as the kids are blown away by the science and technology, excited to find out how things work.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Aquarium

Jenny and Lucas visit an aquarium to find out what sharks really eat (spoiler: It's not humans). Back in the craft space, they use this newfound knowledge to create their very own aquarium.

2 . Episode: Go-Karting

Jenny and Lucas find out how go-karts stay on the track. And then it's a race back to the craft space to dress up their bed with a cool new frame before turning in for the night.

3D Printing
3 . Episode: 3D Printing

The kids find out how 3D printing works before heading back to the craft space to make a fun laminated bowl.

4 . Episode: Dinos

Jenny and Lucas find out how a T-Rex managed to stay upright. They use this info back at the craft space to build their very own papier maché dinosaur.

Monster Trucks
5 . Episode: Monster Trucks

The kids find out all about monster trucks. And then they bound back to the craft space to make a cool bouncing monster truck.

Gravity Cake
6 . Episode: Gravity Cake

A cake can defy gravity! Lucas and Jenny find out how, then make their own mini-cakes.

Vertical Wind Tunnel
7 . Episode: Vertical Wind Tunnel

Lucas and Jenny learn how to fly in a vertical wind tunnel, then use their science lesson to build a fun hanging mobile.

Big Planes
8 . Episode: Big Planes

Learn how planes fly, then see how the kids build a windbag fort.

Marine Railway
9 . Episode: Marine Railway

Jenny and Lucas take a trip on a marine railway. And then it's back to the craft space to make some jute jewelery.

Glass Blowing
10 . Episode: Glass Blowing

Discover how to blow glass into beautiful artwork. Lucas and Jenny use this inspiration to make a sun catcher from shrinkable plastic paper.

Niagara Falls
11 . Episode: Niagara Falls

The kids get up close with the mighty Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, to learn all about its power. They head back to the craft space and use this inspiration to make a waterfall-inspired fountain.

Butterfly Conservatory
12 . Episode: Butterfly Conservatory

Jenny and Lucas are off to feed butterflies the sweat off their backs at Niagara Parks' Butterfly Conservatory. Then they make a beautiful butterfly feeder for the backyard.

Roller Coasters
13 . Episode: Roller Coasters

Take a ride on the tallest rollercoaster in Canada to find out how it works. Then see how the kids make interactive wall art.

Special FX Makeup
14 . Episode: Special FX Makeup

Lucas and Jenny visit special effects makeup school for a lesson in optical illusions, and a surprise makeover. And of course, they will be popping into the craft space to make mind-blowing T-shirts.

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