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Not everyone knows how to prepare for a holiday or season. Sometimes there isn’t enough time, money or inspiration, unless you're crafty! Hosts Alison, Denise and Adjoa use their expertise in crafting, baking and decorating to create seasonal celebrations filled with unique and inspiring handmade goods.

Episode descriptions

Valentine's Day
1. Episode: Valentine's Day

Jina and Jonathan have been married for 10 years and want to throw a Valentine's Day party to celebrate this milestone. They enlist the help of Denise, Adjoa and Alison to create a party filled with desserts, decor and crafts inspired by their wedding day.

Mother's Day
2. Episode: Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day Alison, Adjoa and Denise have decided to throw their moms a tea party with unique, handmade gifts to show the moms how much they mean to their daughters.

Father's Day
3. Episode: Father's Day

Austin and Tommy are celebrating their first Father's Day as dads. They call designers Denise, Adjoa and Alison to help throw a party with tasty treats, beautiful decorations and thoughtful crafts to mark this special occasion.

Long Weekend Picnic
4. Episode: Long Weekend Picnic

This long weekend, Melody would like to reconnect with her friends and throw a fun yet sophisticated party. But with a jam-packed work schedule, she's going to need some help so she's called Adjoa, Denise and Alison to plan her perfect holiday weekend.

5. Episode: Halloween

Jen and Al have been tasked with throwing a Halloween party for their daughters and friends before they go out trick-or-treating. They don’t want the usual store-bought items but handmade goods that will set their party apart from the rest. So they've enlisted the help of Adjoa, Denise and Alison to make this the spookiest party the kids have ever seen.

6. Episode: Christmas

Michaela and Mike usually go home to the East Coast to celebrate Christmas, but with a newborn and toddler this year, they're celebrating in the city. They've enlisted the help of Adjoa, Denise and Alison to help them start new family traditions and make this Christmas special.

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