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Danielle French has made her home at South Pond Farms, a magical rural destination venue for weddings and country suppers. Follow along as Danielle, her four daughters and her team of helping hands transform South Pond for each intimate event. Each down-home gathering features delicious homemade food and elegant country-style decor, giving guests a feeling of coming home to the country.

Episode descriptions

Rainy Day Affair
1. Episode: Rainy Day Affair

Danielle throws a late summer wedding in her favorite way: country-style with rustic wild flower arrangements down the aisles and a feast of local produce fresh from the fields to keep the day a magical affair even with rain on the horizon. On the menu: blueberry & peach tarts, basil oil pizzas, sage butter grilled sirloin, basil marinated chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled corn.

Texas BBQ
2. Episode: Texas BBQ

It's all about finger-licking, slow-cooked, down-home goodness as Danielle holds a Texas BBQ event in the barn decked out with cowboy paraphernalia and field flowers. On the menu: southwestern pizzas, smoked brisket, smoked pulled pork, bourbon maple baked beans, beet salsa, corn bread and pecan tarts.

Butter Tarts & Beer
3. Episode: Butter Tarts & Beer

South Pond enters a butter tart taste-off at the farmers market and holds its first ever beer-tasting event, crafting five delicious bite-sized appetizers to taste alongside local brews. Taking inspiration from the wheat sheafs and buckwheat in the fields, Danielle creates floral arrangements for the barn. On the menu: sumac spiced nuts, roasted corn relish goat cheese and chive crostini, spicy tomato jam and roast beef roulade, pulled pork sliders.

Southern Italian Sold-Out Supper Club
4. Episode: Southern Italian Sold-Out Supper Club

South Pond is sold out for its biggest event of the season: a themed dinner inspired by Danielle's trips to the southern coasts of Italy and the fresh herbs and vegetables in her own backyard. On the menu: wood-fired flatbreads, roasted tomatoes, sage butter hand rolled sweet potato ravioli, garlic and rosemary grilled steak, arugula and herb salad, rosemary focaccia bread, handcrafted ricotta with limoncello and tiramisu.

Country Wedding x 2
5. Episode: Country Wedding x 2

Noel and her groom, Barry, have been waiting a long time for their country-style wedding at South Pond. Now it's time for a wedding inspired to feel like a big family end-of-summer gathering. Behind the scenes, South Pond has two weddings to prep. The magical outdoor affair at the farm and a wedding in the restored barn at Iron Horse Ranch. On the menu: fresh baked bread, stone-oven flat breads, maple pork and apple skewers, country dips with garden picked green beans, strip loin steak, grilled trout with herb dressing, and chocolate porterhouse cake.

A Menu for Music
6. Episode: A Menu for Music

A folk music group hopes for a good turnout for an evening of Mediterranean food held at Iron Horse Ranch, decorated with flower arrangements inspired, in an original way, from the vegetable garden. But, ticket sales are slow, so Danielle and Amy will need to pull out all the stops to try to draw in more guests and turn out a delicious menu: ginger snap cookies, harvest vegetable pilaf, Mediterranean chicken with olives and tomatoes.

Bridal Tasting
7. Episode: Bridal Tasting

Wedding season is over, but that doesn't mean that South Pond doesn't have weddings on its mind. It's time for South Pond's annual Bride Tasting Event, where brides and grooms come to get their first taste of the food and décor at the farm. The hope is they walk away inspired and ready to plan the weddings of their dreams. Danielle arranges her most impressive array of bridal floral centerpieces and bouquets. On the menu: a tasting of 25 items.

Harvest Brunch
8. Episode: Harvest Brunch

It's the height of fall and things are getting chilly in the barn. Hoping to warm things up with festivities, South Pond holds a brunch to celebrate the harvest and the local community of farmers and purveyors. They are surprised by the turnout. The barn is decorated with fall-themed décor using late blooms, pumpkins and apples. On the menu: roasted butternut squash soup, heritage grain bread, charcuterie plate, roasted pork with apple and onion chutney, sweet potato strata and poached pears in red wine.

Intimate Dinner Party
9. Episode: Intimate Dinner Party

Danielle's smaller size party planning skills are put to the test when she hosts an intimate dinner party with live music at Iron Horse Ranch. Since the fields of Iron Horse will be dark as the guests arrive, plans are set to create nests of brambles holding candles to light the way. And inside Iron Horse, the table is laid with a fall wreath and table decoration craftily created by Danielle and her youngest daughter, Aubrey. On the menu: French country chicken fricassee, potato gratinée, baked apples.

Christmas in the Country
10. Episode: Christmas in the Country

Danielle's homespun business depends on people falling in love with the magical setting of South Pond, every season of the year. With a festive winter workshop and holiday lunch at the farm planned, how can she turn the winter setting into a special celebration of the season? The barn is decorated for the season and a tree is strung upside down in Danielle's traditional way and trimmed with handwritten wishes from the guests. The workshop is set for 30 guests to create centerpieces and wreaths. And, on the menu a German inspired meal of mulled wine, sweet kohlrabi soup, beer-basted sausages with caramelized onions, homemade pretzels with piquant cheese sauce and Christmas cookies.

Bread Making & Ancient Grains Workshop
11. Episode: Bread Making & Ancient Grains Workshop

Danielle's first passion is bread-making using ancient heritage grains such as red fife and buckwheat, both harvested locally and milled almost right next door. So Danielle holds a day-long bread making workshop to pass on her love of the artisanal process, complete with a lunch spread with fresh baked bread as the natural highlight and a table decorated with delicate tea cup floral arrangements.

Holiday Workshop
12. Episode: Holiday Workshop

Danielle and her team get ready to hold a day long holiday workshop in her farmhouse. But Danielle needs to also host a dinner party with the mayor as a guest the night before the workshop. Can Danielle pull it all together and gracefully throw two events in only two days? On the menus with some elements prepared in the workshop: lemon scented scones, cranberry focaccia bread, melted pastry wrapped brie, traditional tourtière, spiced nuts, apricot and bacon stuffed pork, Lebanese inspired salad, roasted harvest vegetables.

Snow Day
13. Episode: Snow Day

Snow has finally fallen at South Pond, and to get people falling in love with the winter beauty of the farm, Danielle throws a snow day with a Valentine's Day theme where guests can gather around the roaring fire of the outdoor stone oven and head off on the ski trails. On the menu: local cheeses warmed by the fire, hearty beef stew, parsley potatoes, homemade bread, chocolate pudding cake with raspberry sauce and a specialty berry-infused Valentine's Day cocktail.

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