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Knitting vs. crochet: What's the difference? And is one better than the other? Find out in this Bluprint original series, where crochet artist Vincent Green-Hite and knit artist Morgan Woltersdorf stitch up the same five projects side by side. Along the way (with a bit of friendly banter), they offer tips and techniques for knitters and knotters of all levels.

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Episode descriptions

1. Episode: Beanies

Vincent and Morgan each stitch up beanies using the same type of yarn, but with different crafts. See how knitting and crochet result in two distinct looks.

2. Episode: Toys

How do knitting and crochet stitches work up differently in similar applications? Find out as our hosts knit and crochet cute animal toys.

Embellished Denim
3. Episode: Embellished Denim

Vincent and Morgan let loose on denim and some yarn. See how they embellish two plain jean jackets using knitting and crochet stitches.

4. Episode: Cowls

Vincent and Morgan make cowls to fit their unique styles. They also add buttons for a little extra flair.

His & Hers
5. Episode: His & Hers

Last but not least, Vincent and Morgan stitch up a couple of unexpected accessories to gift each other.

About the Teacher

Vincent Green-Hite & Morgan Woltersdorf

Join the discussion! While your instructor may choose to chime in, this space is intended as a maker-to-maker forum.


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Vincent Green-Hite & Morgan Woltersdorf

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