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This gorgeous geometric scarf designed by Jennifer Weissman starts with two triangles and builds from the center out. Vanessa shows you how to knit stripes and slip-stitch texture, before adding mini tassels. Plus, learn how to block your scarf for a perfect finish.

Episode descriptions

Getting Gauge
1. Episode: Getting Gauge

The first step to any successful knitting project is matching your stitch gauge to the design's gauge. Vanessa will show you how to measure stitch and row gauge to be sure you're on track.

Knit the Scarf
2. Episode: Knit the Scarf

Navigate the construction of this scarf with tips for how to change colors, join the center triangles and keep track of more complex pattern instructions. Plus, learn a tip to corral all those tassel ends as you knit.

Finishing the Scarf
3. Episode: Finishing the Scarf

See how to tie and trim tassels to finish the ends of your scarf. Then, see how to soak and wet block the scarf to amplify the drape.

About the Teacher

Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
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The pattern for this project is available with the project kit. If you're a Premium member and chose this project, you'll find the digital pattern in your pattern library .

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Pro Tip

  • Getting gauge ensures your finished project turns out the right size, but it also prevents you from running out of yarn. Our in-depth class will help you understand all things gauge.

Additional Resources

If you're new to knitting and need a little help understanding the basics, or need a crash course in fixing common mistakes, check out a few of our favorite classes.

Getting Gauge
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Knit the Loose Ends Scarf

Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini

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