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Bring nature indoors and repurpose household castoffs to create coasters, candle holders and more.

Episode descriptions

Cottage Coasters
1. Episode: Cottage Coasters

Bring a piece of the lake inside your cottage with this DIY project.

Fall Mason Jar Candle Holder
2. Episode: Fall Mason Jar Candle Holder

Celebrate the changing leaves with this candle holder.

Branch Coasters
3. Episode: Branch Coasters

Bring the outdoors in.

Hockey Stick Coat Rack
4. Episode: Hockey Stick Coat Rack

Turn your old hockey sticks into something useful.

Walnut Tea Lights
5. Episode: Walnut Tea Lights

Let nature provide the perfect tea light holders.

Firewood Carrier
6. Episode: Firewood Carrier

Craft your own firewood carrier, complete with axe loops, using dowels, sturdy canvas and your home sewing machine.

Mason Jar Lid Coaster
7. Episode: Mason Jar Lid Coaster

Turn extra mason jar lids into cute coasters!

Watermelon Drink Dispenser
8. Episode: Watermelon Drink Dispenser

With a watermelon tap, a drill and a beater, you can create your own watermelon keg.

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Cottage Crafts

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