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Make a personalized notebook, greeting cards and pencils with these quick tutorials.

Episode descriptions

1. Episode: Notebook

Flora Shum shows how to craft a notebook, the perfect handmade gift for someone special.

Potato Stamp
2. Episode: Potato Stamp

Rhya Tamasauskas from Monster Factory creates personalized greeting cards using a potato stamp.

Pencil Decorating
3. Episode: Pencil Decorating

Emily Arbour makes jazzy pencils using fabric ribbon tape.

Curiously Similar
An interior design queen with her finger on the pulse of industry trends, new mediums, and art forms, the ever-inspired Candice dishes out incredible design makeovers, giving viewers an up-close look into her busy and often-hilarious world.
Christi Friesen
Christi Friesen
Do you find natural beauty in imperfect, worn-out, broken, and aging items? If so, you're in the right place! Christi Friesen will guide you through fascinating techniques for creating the look of antique, repaired, and lovingly used items using polymer clay. You'll even use vintage items, experiment with shattered and broken forms, and channel nature's own oxidation process with patinas. With Christi's help, you'll embrace the wabi-sabi mentality of finding true beauty in life's imperfection and transience.
Karla Alexander
Karla Alexander
Get a three-step recipe to creative quilts from your stash; no need for complex piecing and directions!

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