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Don't throw away those used mason jars! Turn them into lamps, soap dispensers, snack carriers and more.

Episode descriptions

Mason Jar Snack Kit
1. Episode: Mason Jar Snack Kit

Turn any mason jar into an on-the-go snack carrier!

Mason Jar Soap Pump
2. Episode: Mason Jar Soap Pump

Customize your sink-side suds with this mason jar hack.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder
3. Episode: Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Keep your feathered friends fed.

Mason Jar Lanterns
4. Episode: Mason Jar Lanterns

Shed a little light with this easy project.

Citronella Mason Jar Torches
5. Episode: Citronella Mason Jar Torches

Keep mosquitoes away with these fragrant and pretty oil lamps.

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Mason Jar Magic

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