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Danielle French is the founder and owner of South Pond Farms, a culinary destination that hosts special events and workshops in rural Ontario. In these short tutorials she shares quick recipes for foodie favorites.

Episode descriptions

Perfect Pastry Tart
1. Episode: Perfect Pastry Tart

Danielle French, host of "Taste of The Country," takes the mystery out of pastry making and turns it into the perfect tart.

Tomato Onion Jam
2. Episode: Tomato Onion Jam

Danielle creates an onion jam that is the perfect complement to crackers and cheese.

Perfect Vinaigrette
3. Episode: Perfect Vinaigrette

Danielle shows you how to make a vinaigrette perfect for any salad.

Easy Mushroom Sauce
4. Episode: Easy Mushroom Sauce

This rustic woodsy sauce can be paired with almost anything!

Basic Bread
5. Episode: Basic Bread

Oat honey bread is an easy treat.

Infused Oil
6. Episode: Infused Oil

Learn how to make the perfect addition to toast or pizza.

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