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          Learn to weave on a loom for the first time or get your skills up to warp speed with Janet Dawson in Floor Loom Weaving.

          Episode descriptions

          1. Episode: Introduction

          Meet your instructor, Janet Dawson, owner of The Bobbin Tree in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Janet walks you through an introduction to weaving and what you can expect to learn in this class!

          The Loom
          2. Episode: The Loom

          Meet the loom up close with Janet's thorough introduction! You'll discover each part of the loom and what they do, learn about the bench and other equipment, and explore which yarns you can use for your projects.

          How Cloth Happens
          3. Episode: How Cloth Happens

          How does it go from yarn to loom to cloth? Let Janet take the mystery out as she teaches you how to get started with an introduction to weaving. You'll learn to read and draw a draft, work with more than one shaft and more.

          Winding a Warp
          4. Episode: Winding a Warp

          Dive into a project with Janet's expert tips! You'll learn how to break down the instructions for weaving, including the supplies and tools you'll need and how to use them. Janet then explains warp lengths, how to start with a guide string, and how to wind and chain the warp with thorough detail and up-close instruction.

          Dressing the Loom
          5. Episode: Dressing the Loom
          1h 7min

          Cast your fears aside as Janet helps you set up your supplies, tools and floor loom in her "pre-flight check". Discover how to sley the raddle, use lease sticks to warp the loom, use the apron rod and beam the warp.

          Threading the Loom
          6. Episode: Threading the Loom
          1h 18min

          Explore techniques for threading the loom with Janet's expert tips. After learning more about the best threads for the job, you'll prepare and thread the heddles with up-close instruction before sleying the reed and tying on knots. Janet also helps you identify and troubleshoot tricky threading errors so you can fix mistakes as you go without frustration!

          Learning to Weave Well
          7. Episode: Learning to Weave Well
          1h 27min

          What sets average weaving apart from truly skillful weaving? Find out with Janet's engaging tips and instructions as she covers the best practices for winding a bobbin, making a guide tape and experimenting with various weaving techniques. She also covers successful methods for hemstitching, joining a new weft, troubleshooting weft errors and much more in this information-packed lesson.

          8. Episode: Tie-Up

          Janet kicks off this lesson with an explanation of treadle and shaft relationships to help you simplify your weaving. Next, discover how to create a lift plan before converting it with Janet's confidence-building suggestions. Finally, Janet revisits the Fiberworks computer software program to show you how you can digitally convert a lift plan to a tie-up, and vice versa.

          Building Your Weaving Skills
          9. Episode: Building Your Weaving Skills

          Continue to develop your blossoming weaving skills as you dive into starting a second pillow. You'll tread a 2/2 twill, change colors, address the draw in and troubleshoot along the way. Additionally, you'll add a beautiful accent stripe, create point twill, and more!

          Tips & Tricks
          10. Episode: Tips & Tricks

          Ready for even more fun techniques and tips that will set you up for success? Work with a floating selvage, learn how to remove the cloth and attach floating selvages, create a basket weave, fix a warp end if it breaks, and design your own stunning, custom-made pillow.

          Wet Finishing
          11. Episode: Wet Finishing

          Discover wet finishing techniques for your projects as Janet illustrates how to doctor the cloth and fix a skip if a color is coming through too much on the wrong side. Next, learn how to wash the wool with exactly the right temperature of water and soap for the job and press it for the best results. Janet shares "before" and "after" examples so you can see the full effect of this technique!

          Wrapping Up
          12. Episode: Wrapping Up

          Janet wraps up this information-rich class with final tips on how to put your pillows together and how to keep careful records on what techniques and drafts you used to build each of your projects. She also equips you with project planning tools to determine the length and width of each warp, and how much yarn you'll need to make the fabric and projects you desire.

          About the Teacher

          Janet Dawson
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