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Learn to create, modify and make cable-knit patterns with prolific and personable knitwear designer Fiona Ellis.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Meet your instructor, Fiona, who will diagnose baggy stitch syndrome and get you off to the right start.

What Is a Cable?
2 . Episode: What Is a Cable?

Meet the building blocks of cable knitting: basic crosses, cable abbreviations, rest rows and how to combine them all with Fiona's expert instruction.

Generating Ideas Using I-Cord
3 . Episode: Generating Ideas Using I-Cord

Fiona will teach you to make an I-Cord. This versatile knitted rope is perfect for laying out designs.

Generating Ideas From Charts
4 . Episode: Generating Ideas From Charts

You can take elements from existing patterns and put them together with Fiona's help! Learn to add and remove cords, too.

Generating Ideas From Images
5 . Episode: Generating Ideas From Images

Inspiration is all around you. Carry your camera and record it! Fiona will show you where she finds new design ideas.

Cable Angles & Negative Space
6 . Episode: Cable Angles & Negative Space

Learn how to add texture and interest to your design by changing the angle of the cable and altering negative space.

Charting & Symbols
7 . Episode: Charting & Symbols

It's important to know the correct way to read and write cable charts. Fiona will teach you how to do both with precision.

Garment Planning
8 . Episode: Garment Planning

Learn to calculate stitches and plan cable placement for an attractive look and fit. You'll never be surprised by cable compression again.

Additional Design Elements
9 . Episode: Additional Design Elements

Celtic knots, holes, hemlines and more. Fiona shares her knowledge of these additional design elements.

About the Teacher

Fiona Ellis
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