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Custom Yoke Sweater
Custom Yoke Sweater
Amy Detjen
Join Amy Detjen from Vogue Knitting and learn dozens of useful knitting tips as you create a custom-fit sweater with stranded colorwork.
Curiously Similar
Designer Ragga Eiríksdóttir teaches you how to knit a fun, authentic Icelandic sweater from the top down and in the round.
Ragga Eiriksdottir
with Ragga Eiriksdottir
Mix and match design elements to create a flattering sweater you'll be proud to wear. Tell your style story in memorable fashion.
Eunny Jang
with Eunny Jang
Simplify stranded colorwork to knit striking sweaters you'll wear with glee! Find out how fun and friendly stranded colorwork sweaters are when Amy Detjen is your guide.
Amy Detjen
with Amy Detjen
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The key to accurately measuring gauge is to work your swatch in the same way that you plan to work the knitted piece. Translation: if you’re knitting a sweater in the round, your swatch should be knit in the round, too.
by Bluprint
We get it: Nobody really wants to make a gauge swatch. You want to jump right into the fun stuff! And while we’re all for spontaneity, sometimes it’s best to proceed with caution. If you don’t check your gauge you might end up with sweaters that are too large, bags that are too tiny, and gloves that pinch and squeeze. (Just don’t ask how we know.)
by Ashley Little
It's hardly controversial to say that colorwork knitting can be a little maddening, and intarsia is no exception. If you don't stay on top of it, all those colors on the back of your sweater can turn on you and suck the joy out of your project. And what if you lose focus on a color change and end up with a hole?!
by Ashley Little
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Custom Yoke Sweater