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The Fashionably Quilted Jacket
The Fashionably Quilted Jacket
Mary Ray
Award-winning designer and Threads contributing editor Mary Ray will guide you as you create a gorgeous quilted garment. To purchase the pattern and sew along with Mary, click on the Materials tab in the class. Shipping is free!
Curiously Similar
Fasten your garments and accessories with fashionable and functional flair! Personalize any pattern with one-of-a-kind closures that set your projects apart.
Marsha McClintock
with Marsha McClintock
Sew high-end jackets like a professional. Learn streamlined construction and ready-to-wear finishing techniques to sew your most refined jackets faster than ever.
Pam W. Howard
with Pam W. Howard
Confidently create your most stylish jackets, tops, pants, skirts and dresses. Learn sophisticated techniques and discover inspired details used in designer ready-to-wear.
Jacque Goldsmith
with Jacque Goldsmith
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The Fashionably Quilted Jacket