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Maximize your serger’s potential by using inspired ready-to-wear techniques taught by apparel designer Angela Wolf.

Episode descriptions

Meet Angela Wolf
1 . Episode: Meet Angela Wolf

Meet your instructor, sewing expert Angela Wolf. She'll go over the basics of using your serger and give you details on using the Craftsy platform.

Hemming Garments
2 . Episode: Hemming Garments

Learn all about the different types of hems you can create for your garments, and how to stitch them. You'll get tips on hemming small spaces and how to reduce bulk in your seams.

The Narrow Hem
3 . Episode: The Narrow Hem

Use your serger to create a variety of narrow hems, including the three-threaded overlock narrow hem, decorative narrow hem, lettuce edge hem and the wave stitch.

Decorative Stitches
4 . Episode: Decorative Stitches

Learn more about creating decorative stitches with your serger, including pintucking and faux piping. You'll also get the specifics on creating a wave stitch on a polar fleece.

5 . Episode: Piping

Learn all about how to insert piping into your garments, as well as information about piping tips.

Flatlock & Overlock Stitches
6 . Episode: Flatlock & Overlock Stitches

See examples of overlock stitches and learn about their do's and dont's. Angela teaches you how to create perfect overlock and flatlock stitches.

7 . Episode: Gathering

Adjust the settings of your serger for gathering and learn how to manipulate the fabric for perfect gathers.

Inserting Elastic
8 . Episode: Inserting Elastic

Want to learn how to insert elastic into your garments? Angela goes into detail about using elastic and how to add a waistband or chainstitch.

Inserting a Separating Zipper
9 . Episode: Inserting a Separating Zipper

Working with zippers can be difficult, but Angela shows you how you can attach them to your garments easily with your serger.

Finishing Edges
10 . Episode: Finishing Edges

Finish your garments using Angela's tips for beautiful edges and seams. Learn how to use bias tape and create one-of-a-kind garments.

About the Teacher

Angela Wolf
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Angela Wolf
Angela Wolf
Apply essential serger skills to unlock amazing project possibilities. Create beautiful scarves, designer pillows and chic bags using only your serger!
Linda Lee
Linda Lee
Sew fashion details with your serger, coverstitch and combo machines.
Pamela Leggett
Pamela Leggett
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