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Bring couture cake techniques into your kitchen as you learn classic fabric effects in fondant with Marsha Winbeckler.

Episode descriptions

Meet Marsha Winbeckler
1 . Episode: Meet Marsha Winbeckler

Meet your instructor Marsha Winbeckler, an accomplished decorator, teacher and editor.

Folded Ruffles
2 . Episode: Folded Ruffles

Learn the basics of creating ruffles: rolling, cutting, folding and attaching them to a cake. Add luster and color and even make a sweet ruffle puff.

Ruffles by Thinning
3 . Episode: Ruffles by Thinning

Thinning the edges of your fondant adds delicacy when creating ruffle ribbons and rosettes.

Box Pleats
4 . Episode: Box Pleats

Use a former to create exquisite box pleats and arrange those pleats into elegant designs for your cake.

Easy Knife Pleats
5 . Episode: Easy Knife Pleats

Make fabric-effect knife and folded pleats and then use a template to add movement and sophistication and learn to add pleats to the top of the cake, too.

Horizontal & Draping Pleats
6 . Episode: Horizontal & Draping Pleats

Horizontal and angled pleating are perfect when replicating wedding dresses or other fabric effects and Marsha tackles one last pleating option: gathered pleats.

Drapes & Swags
7 . Episode: Drapes & Swags

Make opulent swags and drop drapes using a form you can easily make from dowels and a foam board and add extra extravagance with scalloped edges and textured fondant.

Cascading Drapes
8 . Episode: Cascading Drapes

Marsha demonstrate how to make show-stopping cascading drapes that flow down two-tier cakes. Learn to finish your cake with a ribbon tail, ruffle flower or even a ribbon rose.

About the Teacher

Marsha Winbeckler
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Fondant Ruffles, Pleats & Drapes

Marsha Winbeckler

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