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Machine Quilting the Home Sweet Home Quilt
Machine Quilting the Home Sweet Home Quilt
Frieda Anderson
Learn the fundamentals of machine quilting on your home machine. Frieda Anderson teaches more than a dozen free-motion designs and an easy binding.
Curiously Similar
Use marking to make gorgeous feature designs that only look difficult! Learn simple techniques to enhance your projects with stunning quilting.
Cyndi Souder
with Cyndi Souder
Pair your projects with complementary machine-quilting designs, and give them the gorgeous finish they deserve!
Leah Day
with Leah Day
Learn the techniques to conquer any space, and create beautiful motifs to enhance all of your future projects! "The Inbox Jaunt" blogger Lori Kennedy reveals her best tips and tricks.
Lori  Kennedy
with Lori Kennedy
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Machine Quilting the Home Sweet Home Quilt