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Sew Ready: Machine Basics
Sew Ready: Machine Basics
Amy Alan
Don't let broken needles or skipped stitches ruin your sewing! Learn how to fix common sewing machine problems in this free Craftsy class presented by Baby Lock.
Curiously Similar
Don't get flustered when facing the feet that come with your sewing machine. Steffani Lincecum explains what they are and how they work in this free mini-class.
Steffani Lincecum
with Steffani Lincecum
Get the most out of your machine with this FREE mini-class! Learn quick tips to make your sewing, piecing, quilting and embroidery faster and more fun.
Linda McGehee
with Linda McGehee
Learn quiltmaking basics in this free class, presented by Olfa. From tools and fabric to quilting and binding, find out how to create four easy quilts!
Gail  Kessler
with Gail Kessler
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Sew Ready: Machine Basics