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You may think you know everything about the log cabin quilt, but you'll be amazed at what you can do! Take a brand-new look at this classic block and make creative quilts in traditional to modern styles.

Episode descriptions

Meet Nancy Smith
1 . Episode: Meet Nancy Smith

Prolific author and designer Nancy Smith begins this exploration of log cabin blocks by talking about the history of this traditional block and how to cut and lay out jelly roll strips.

Log Cabin Fabric Selection
2 . Episode: Log Cabin Fabric Selection

Make one block in dozens of different looks, just by varying fabric and color choices. Nancy shows you how to use the paste-up guide included in your downloadable materials, to audition your fabrics in the pattern before you commit.

The Night & Day Block
3 . Episode: The Night & Day Block

Learn Nancy's fast and easy methods of cutting strips for your blocks. Find another use for your paste-up guide, get your fabric cut in a flash and make the canonical light-and-dark Night & Day block.

Log Cabin Quilt Layouts
4 . Episode: Log Cabin Quilt Layouts

Your design wall becomes your best friend in this lesson as you explore ways to put the log cabin blocks together. You will be amazed at the dramatic differences that block setting will make.

Alternative Block Options
5 . Episode: Alternative Block Options

Alternative block settings give you plenty of room for creativity as you arrange the light and dark strips in Echo, Framing and Greek Key designs. You'll also learn how to use a surprising quilt design tool, the color photocopier.

Chaining Your Blocks
6 . Episode: Chaining Your Blocks

Eleanor Burns' "Quilt in a Day" method is a neat and efficient way to construct log cabin blocks. Nancy shows you how!

Fussy Cutting Centers & Troubleshooting
7 . Episode: Fussy Cutting Centers & Troubleshooting

Nancy explores fussy-cutting a wide range of fabrics to create innovative centers for your log cabin blocks. A little seam-ripper magic allows you to change your mind even after you've sewn all your blocks!

About the Teacher

Nancy Smith
Curiously Similar
Marti  Michell
Marti Michell
Discover the secrets to your most precise log cabin quilt blocks yet by cutting your strips ahead of time.
Kimberly Einmo
Kimberly Einmo
Create sophisticated quilts with easy-to-use precuts. Best-selling author Kimberly Einmo shares piecing, appliqué and machine-quilting techniques!
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith
Liberate your stash with this timesaving quilting class! Learn how to sew leftover fabric into strip sets, then make six quilt designs and five other fun projects.
2. Episode: Log Cabin Fabric Selection 20min
4. Episode: Log Cabin Quilt Layouts 17min
5. Episode: Alternative Block Options 15min
7. Episode: Fussy Cutting Centers & Troubleshooting 18min


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