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Learn how to drape on the bias and bring instant elegance to your garment designs with the expert instruction of Paul Gallo.

Episode descriptions

Draping on the Bias
1 . Episode: Draping on the Bias

Meet your instructor, Paul Gallo, and learn about the rich history of bias draping.

Bias Draping Basics: Fabrics
2 . Episode: Bias Draping Basics: Fabrics

Paul helps you choose the right fabrics for your draping project and discusses dress forms as you start your designing journey.

Draping Cowls
3 . Episode: Draping Cowls

An elegant cowl is not just found at the neck. Paul shows how you can drape cowls in the front, back or sides of your garment, then turn them into pattern pieces.

Checking the Pattern
4 . Episode: Checking the Pattern

Paul demonstrates how to mark up, pin and double-check the accuracy of the pattern piece you've created for your cowl and how to fine-tune the fit.

Gathering Techniques
5 . Episode: Gathering Techniques

Get your gathers together with Paul's helpful tips! You'll learn how to create a gathered halter neck or built-up neckline and see how to make pleats and pintucks. Then you'll turn your gathers and pleats in pattern pieces.

The Butterfly Twist
6 . Episode: The Butterfly Twist

Master the elegant and complex butterfly twist with Paul's guidance. It's not really as complicated as it looks! Paul will help you prepare your fabric, then show you inspiring variations to try.

Cascade Ruffles
7 . Episode: Cascade Ruffles

Try a cascade ruffle to add elegance or or a playful element to your design. It's all in the placement!

Creating a Flared Skirt
8 . Episode: Creating a Flared Skirt

Add some flair to your designs with a flared skirt. Paul demonstrates how to make a dramatic sweeping garment without a bulky waistline.

Putting It All Together
9 . Episode: Putting It All Together

Pull together all you've learned to design and sew a fabulous bias-cut dress, from draping to refining to finishing. Get ready to hear, "Who designed your dress? It's simply smashing!"

About the Teacher

Paul Gallo
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Draping on the Bias
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