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Sewing Knits That Fit
Sewing Knits That Fit
Dyanne Marte
Your best knit garments will fit perfectly and look as fabulous as they feel. Learn to fit knit necklines, bodices, sleeves, skirts, pants and more.
Curiously Similar
Draft a full complement of custom-fit knit slopers — the foundation for personalized patternmaking.
Judy  Jackson
with Judy Jackson
Sew tailored knits for attire your coworkers, friends and family will surely admire.
Pam W. Howard
with Pam W. Howard
Learn how to alter knit patterns to complement your body beautifully with the Palmer/Pletsch tissue-fitting method.
Pati Palmer & Melissa Watson
with Pati Palmer & Melissa Watson
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Sewing Knits That Fit