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Build on basic stitches to create exquisite crewel embroidery that blossoms with color and texture!

Episode descriptions

Materials & Transferring
1 . Episode: Materials & Transferring

Meet your instructor, author and designer Kristin Nicholas, as she starts the class off with an inspirational introduction to crewel embroidery and its most popular uses. You'll discover the best ways to get started using various needles, threads and fabrics.

Basic Stitches
2 . Episode: Basic Stitches

Start out with some of the most classic crewel stitches as you follow along with Kristin's engaging demonstrations. You'll learn how to create basic stitches from start to finish, including stem, satin, chain, lazy daisy, blanket and backstitches.

Embellished Basic Stitches
3 . Episode: Embellished Basic Stitches

Turn classic stitches into beautiful embellished stitches with Kristin's tips for success along the way. You'll work on methods to create a whipped backstitch, a variety of chain stitches, a traditional buttonhole wheel and a variation called the inside-out buttonhole wheel. You'll love the endless design possibilities that each one offers!

Fancy Stitches
4 . Episode: Fancy Stitches

Push your skills a step further as you explore a variety of fancy stitches. Play with texture and sculptural forms as you embroider rosette expressions like French knots and the four-legged knotted cross, and rope-inspired themes like bullion knots and a beautiful Vandyke stitch.

Fill Stitches
5 . Episode: Fill Stitches

Discover ways to fill empty spaces in your designs with beautiful stitch patterns that provide a fast way to embellish large areas. Kristin shows you how to work with two versions of the laid stitch before demonstrating checked patterns, cloud filling and couching techniques.

Sculpted Stitches
6 . Episode: Sculpted Stitches

Create feathery, voluminous textures in this overview of spiderweb stitches, needle weaving and playful turkey work stitches. Kristin explains how to troubleshoot tricky areas of each stitch, demonstrating foolproof ways to fill in your stitches without gaps and tie off your work.

Finishing & Inspiration
7 . Episode: Finishing & Inspiration

Wrap up the class with an inspirational guide to using all of your new stitches. Kristin shares a wide variety of completed projects to show you how you can integrate fill stitches, sculptural stitches and more in aesthetically pleasing ways. You'll also learn professional finishing techniques for blocking, steaming and completing your crewel projects.

About the Teacher

Kristin Nicholas
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