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Take the stress out of machine embroidery software as you learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about creating, customizing and organizing designs!

Episode descriptions

Software Overview
1 . Episode: Software Overview

Meet your instructor, embroidery software expert Cindy Hogan. Cindy walks you through everything you need to get started using Brother PE-Design Next software, including importing and adding text to your designs.

Playing With Text
2 . Episode: Playing With Text

Improve your ability to work with text as Cindy demonstrates ways to use the text tool, including methods to transform the size, direction and shape of your text fields. Experiment with font selections and underlays as you create the perfect phrase for your next project.

Using Shape Tools
3 . Episode: Using Shape Tools

Learn how to work with shapes in new ways! Cindy walks you through methods and troubleshooting tips for creating and transforming any shape you choose. Learn how to create floral patterns, echoed designs, complex patterns and even simple appliqué designs.

4 . Episode: Monograms

Push your embroidery software skills further as you explore options for designing monograms. Consider a wide variety of fonts and ornamental accents as you create traditional and nontraditional monogram styles. Then stitch out your gorgeous designs on any project of your choice!

Editing Designs
5 . Episode: Editing Designs

Take the fear factor out of some of the more technical options in your software as Cindy walks you through each step of changing the color, modifying the stitch orders and isolating parts of your designs. You'll learn how to select exactly what you want and modify it to your liking, resulting in professionally finished embroidery stitches!

The Arrange Tab
6 . Episode: The Arrange Tab

Tap into your creative side as you combine built-in designs to create beautiful motifs. You'll learn how to crop, reshape and duplicate any design of your choice as you use various mirror tools in addition to rearranging the sewing order to your liking.

Design Database Refresher
7 . Episode: Design Database Refresher

Brush up on the basics with this refresher that's full of tips for any level. Create folders, select the images you want and learn how to safely transfer them to the machine with Cindy's up-close instruction. You'll also learn how to convert files and create organized folders so you never lose a design again!

About the Teacher

Cindy Hogan
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