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Create original one-block quilts with standout style. Discover the setting magic that lets you turn three versatile blocks into 30 dynamic quilt layouts.

Episode descriptions

1 . Episode: Introduction

Join quilting instructor Kate Colleran for a fun, engaging introduction to the class. You'll start by contemplating color pairings as Kate lends her tips on where to look for inspiration and how to audition colors before you start the quilting process.

Modified Log Cabin: Huey Louie
2 . Episode: Modified Log Cabin: Huey Louie

Start the first of three blocks: a modified log cabin block called Huey Louie. Kate introduces you to the composition of the block before walking you through everything you need to know in order to measure, cut, sew and press it to achieve the best results.

Setting Basics
3 . Episode: Setting Basics

Learn Kate's quilting tips for success, which can be applied to projects that use any of the blocks demonstrated in class. Then explore various setting options for the Huey Louie blocks you made in Lesson 2, using Kate's design inspirations as a springboard.

Fabulous Four-Patch: Daisy Mae
4 . Episode: Fabulous Four-Patch: Daisy Mae

Dive into the second block, a modified log cabin and four-patch called Daisy Mae. You'll consider fabric and color variations before learning block construction methods and pressing techniques that reduce bulk and result in a clean finish. Kate finishes the lesson with an illustration of various setting permutations you can choose from.

Fun With Half-Square Triangles
5 . Episode: Fun With Half-Square Triangles

Push your skills further with the Sasha block, a slightly more complicated unit that involves half-square and quarter-square triangles. Kate walks you through ways to calculate strip sizes, a variety of timesaving cutting techniques, piecing methods and pressing tips that will make construction a breeze.

All About Angles: Sasha
6 . Episode: All About Angles: Sasha

Complete the Sasha block you started in Lesson 5 with Kate's expert help along the way. Cut trapezoids with precision, work with templates and lay out your star block before sewing your nine-patch together. Then join it with the trapezoid, half-square and quarter-square triangle units for a stunning completed block!

Make It Your Own
7 . Episode: Make It Your Own

Explore more setting options as Kate demonstrates ways to play with the color, print and orientation of your blocks to create virtually endless possibilities! Consider designs in terms of value, contrast and hue before combining multiple blocks for a truly dynamic finished product. You'll leave the class brimming with excitement to start your next project!

About the Teacher

Kate Colleran
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3 Blocks, 30 Quilts

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3 Blocks, 30 Quilts