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Thread Savvy: Stitch Flawlessly With Any Thread
Thread Savvy: Stitch Flawlessly With Any Thread
Lindee Goodall
Discover everything you need to know to achieve professional machine embroidery results with any thread!
Curiously Similar
Make the most of your machine-embroidery hoops! Find the right hoop for almost any project and learn how to use it to its full potential.
Lisa  Shaw
with Lisa Shaw
Build a foundation of essential skills every embroiderer should know, so you can conquer each step of machine embroidery with the utmost confidence!
Lindee Goodall
with Lindee Goodall
Learn to choose the best stabilizer for your fabric and design, and create picture-perfect embroidery every time!
Terri Hanson
with Terri Hanson
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Embroidery is everywhere, and its latest cool twist is breaking free of the hoop! We’re in love with 3-D stitchery that extends beyond the traditional flat circle with flowing threads or bumpy flourishes. Here are five 3-D trends to try.
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Thread Savvy: Stitch Flawlessly With Any Thread